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Ostarine (MK-2866)

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COD is good to go. Bitcoin barcodes available for payment at checkout also. Echecking integration- coming soon! 3rd party payments accepted, Google pay, Cash app, Zelle

Ostarine- In Stock

-Raw Pure Unadulterated Powder
-3rd Party Tested

-Legitimately Sourced

-5-7 mg Scoop Included


We currently accept the following:

-Google Pay- rawresearchlabs@gmail.com

Cash App- $RRLinc

-Bitcoin (BTC)- QR code generator at checkout


-western union


*Coming Soon:

-E-Checking (You can pay right from your bank account, on a secure checking platform)

-Messenger (Very easy for many)

-Other Cryptos


For Research and Analytical Uses Only. Not for Human or Veterinary Consumption.

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